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  • Why do we need to vulcanize rubber?

    Rubber is a high molecular weight polymer. Through plasticization and mixing, rubber has become short chain small molecules, which can be made into various semi-finished products.
    Release time:2024-01-20   Click count:236

  • Uneven phenomenon of oversized or undersized foam pores in EPDM rubber foam strips

    The foaming agent exhibits agglomeration phenomenon. The solution is to sieve the agglomerated particles, thoroughly powder the coarser particles, and then mix them thoroughly to evenly disperse them.
    Release time:2024-01-20   Click count:245

  • Why does rubber undergo significant changes in its properties after vulcanization

    The principle of rubber vulcanization and the advantages of microwave rubber vulcanization. Raw rubber becomes soft when heated, becomes hard and brittle when cooled, is not easy to form, is prone to wear and tear, is easily soluble in organic solvents such as gasoline, has double bonds in the molecules, is prone to addition reactions, and is prone to aging.
    Release time:2024-01-20   Click count:264

  • Common processing methods for sponge rubber foaming

    When producing rubber sponges, the rubber material is usually first molded or extruded into sheet, strip or other shaped sponge materials, and then cut into the required products. There are currently three main processing methods: atmospheric molding, high-pressure molding, and continuous extrusion.
    Release time:2024-01-20   Click count:263

  • What are the high-temperature resistance characteristics of rubber sponge materials reflected in?

    Rubber sponge materials, with their superior properties, are increasingly being approached by businesses, especially in terms of compression resistance, heat resistance, and so on. The special components contained in high-temperature resistant rubber can provide good performance in the power industry and also play an important role and trend.
    Release time:2024-01-20   Click count:426

  • Why do we need to undergo secondary rubber vulcanization?

    In a rubber vulcanization process, secondary vulcanization is required due to incomplete vulcanization or the production of products that affect the crosslinking density of the rubber during the vulcanization process. Secondary vulcanization, also known as post vulcanization. Commonly used for vulcanization of silicone rubber, fluororubber, and fluorosilicone rubber.
    Release time:2024-01-20   Click count:437

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