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How to distinguish the quality of rubber foam strips?

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How to distinguish the quality of rubber foam strips?

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Rubber foam strips are mainly a type of rubber product with sealing and insulation effects. Their texture is usually high-density and relatively soft sponge, which not only has strong resistance to ultraviolet radiation, high temperature resistance, and flame retardancy, but also has strong sealing ability to prevent small particles and other impurities from entering the equipment. So, what aspects should people distinguish the quality of good rubber foam strips from when choosing them?

1、 Wear resistance. For high-quality rubber foam strips, their surface material and text are not easily worn, which not only fully demonstrates their excellent sealing performance during use, but also extends the overall service life of the rubber foam strips.

2、 Elasticity. Due to the movement of rubber molecular chains, rubber foam strips usually have outstanding elasticity. Therefore, when selecting rubber foam strips, people can feel their rebound with their hands to distinguish their quality.

3、 Odor. For rubber foam strips produced from high-quality rubber raw materials, their odor usually has a partial sour taste or a weak odor. If there is a strong and irritating odor, it indicates that the quality of the rubber foam strip is relatively poor.

4、 Product cross-section. When identifying the quality of rubber foam strips, people can use scissors to cut open the product and observe the curve changes of the cross-sectional part of the product after being placed for a period of time. If there is a significant curvature change, it indicates that the overall rubber content and quality of the rubber foam strip are high.


5、 Burning smoke. By cutting a small piece of rubber foam strip and using tweezers to clamp the cut part and lighting it with a lighter, observe the changes in smoke. If white smoke appears, it indicates good quality.

The above content is part of the techniques for identifying the quality of rubber foam strips. By testing their wear resistance, elasticity, and observing changes in odor, product cross-section, and combustion smoke, the quality can be identified. This enables people to choose the best and most practical rubber foam strips when purchasing and using them.

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