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CR, SBR series

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CR, SBR series

Detailed introduction

Features of CR materials: Excellent resistant to oxygen and ozone, hardly flammable and will selfextinguish after catching fire, good resistance against oil, solvents, acid-bases and gaining, good air tightness; the physical and mechanical performance is better than that of natural rubbers and can thus be used as general rubber or special rubber. Main defects include the poor coldness resistance, high specific gravity, expensive relative cost, poor electrical insulating properties, easy rolling, burning and mold sticking at the time of processing, as well as the poor stability (crude rubber) which makes it hard to store such materials.

Service temperature: Approximately -45℃〜+100℃.

Features of SBR materials: better resistance against abrasion, aging and heat than natural rubber and better distributed texture than the same. Defects: poor elasticity and poor yield resistance and tear resistance, poor processability, especially poor auto adhesive and strength (crude rubber).

Service temperature: Approximately -50℃~+100℃. 

Main applications of CR: Mainly used to produce cable sheath requiring restrict on ozone resistance ozone and aging resistance, protective covers, rubber hoses, rubber tapes and chemical linings requiring resistance against oil and chemical corrosion, as well as flame retardant rubber products used for underground mining.

Main applications of SBR: Widely used to make tyres, rubber tapes, rubber hoses, rubber shoes, wires, cables, medical instruments and other general products.


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