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Unit 503,5/F., Silvercord Tower 2,30  Canton Road,Tsimshatsui,Kowloon,HongKong  

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NR natural rubber

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Products with special performances can be developed and made as per customer’s requirements





Light weight, good obdurability 

    Excellent tear strength

Insulation (spacer)

Buffer performance (shockproof pad) 

    Featured with multiple elasticities, it can be used as buffer materials.

Weather resistance 

    Excellent weather resistance (the NR series and EPDM series of foam has passed the 72h weather  resistance test   

    [50pphm*38℃, stretch longer by 20%] and no abnormality appeared). EPDM closed-cell foaming products have sealed, 

    waterproof, shockproof and independent foam structure, with nice flexibility and excellent rebound resilience, as 

    well as excellent resistance against oil, weather and solvent.

Flame resistance 

    Quality products of fire proof test (CR series of foam are UL94V-0 Halogen-free quality products).

RoHS environmental protection standard:

    Satisfy standards for use on the human body (survive the PAHs test)


New energy vehicle,Precise electronic products 

    Mainly used in OA, AV, communication devices, home appliances, computer cases, automotive industry, medical     

    instruments and sports apparatus, etc.

Civil and architecture 

    Joint sealing materials for floor boards for residential houses, seals for windows and doors, anti-shrinkage gasket 

    materials for concrete civil works, joint sealing materials for open water channels and other joint sealing 

    materials for civil works.

Vehicles, ships and sports apparatus 

    Sealing materials for doors and storage rooms, buffering cushions for engine cover, sealing materials for pipes and 

    lamps, shockproof materials for engines, buffering and sealing materials for instruments, etc;

Thermal insulation

    Thermal insulation seals for coolers and air-conditioners, refrigerators and freezers.

Sound insulation and damp-proof

    Sealing and sound insulation materials for mechanical equipments, sealing materials for sound-proof walls of         

    residential houses, waterproof and damp-proof sealing materials of electrical apparatus, damp-proof and sealing   

    materials for mechanical equipments, etc.


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